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Valle d'Aosta Wines

Wines from Aosta Valley

Despite being one of the smallest region in Italy, with almost the entire territory covered by mountains, Aosta Valley is one of the most productive area of the local wine with a rich selection of wines which every year grows more and more. The Aosta wines belongs to an unique DOC denomination which can be divided in to seven micro areas. The cultivation is on terraces and the cultivation method is the arbor one. The Valle d'Aosta DOC wine is divided according to the percentage of the vine used for the production. For example the famous Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle is a DOC wine produced with the Prié Blanc grapes while the Valle d'Aosta Donnas DOC has to be composed at least of a 85% of Nebbiolo grapes. The wine from the Aosta Valley is one of the most prestigious wine of the mountain obtained thanks to the wonderful work of the farmers which achieved that certain grapes could resist the cold temperatures.

The Aosta Valley vines

The vines present in the Aosta valley are mostly local because of the difficulty of the weather condition. One of the most spread of red berries is the Petit Rouge used for the best red wines from Aosta valley with an intense aroma which is also velvety and soft on the palate. Another one is the Fumin with an opaque blue berries whose red wine, often aged in wood, is bodied and warm with starting spicy aromas. Talking about white berries there is the Prié Blanc, which can be cultivated over the thousand meters because it resists to the frost. From this vine there are produced the white wines from Aosta Valley with a characteristic straw yellow color and with fruity aromas which are fresh and dry on the palate. The non-local white vines are the Moscato Bianco whose grapes are used to give body to the prestigious sparkling wines or the raisin ones which have intense and fragrant aromas.

The choice of the Aosta Valley wines

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