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Red wines from Valle D’Aosta

The grapes cultivation in the Valle d’Aosta is difficult due to the ambient conditions. The red grapes are the most cultivated and the red wines is really difficult to be produced.

The wine production dates back the Pre-history but in 1500 was produced by the monks and then in 1800 a sever disease destroyed everything. The reborn start during the past century in particular in the 70’s when the wine cooperatives started again the cultivation of the grapes.

The vineyards are located on rigid slopes and so the production is fractionated among some wineries and despite all the difficulties this fruit is cultivated and the wine is internationally renowned.

The best grapes of the Valley

According to the conformation of the soils in the Aosta Valley, someone could think that the quality and the quantity of the red wines are rare, by the way thanks to the local farmer constant efforts, there are very prestigious wines. The cultivation takes place on terraces.

The cultivation soils of the Valle D’Aosta wines have moraine and sandy origins and are located on the south side of the valley and they are exposed at west to benefit of the sun. The natural characteristics of this area give bright colors as the ruby red to the red wines of the region.

For example there is the Torrette which belongs to the Valle D'Aosta DOC with the fermentation in steel tanks for 8 days at 30°C and the following refinement period in steel for further 8 months and 5 months in bottle. This process give to the red wine from Valle d’Aosta a balanced and intense taste with ripen fruits aromas and a fresh and enveloping touch on the palate.

Smells and tastes with the right pairings

The perfect matches with the red wines from Valle d’Aosta are with the local main courses, with braised or in humid red meats exalted by the tannic aromas. There are interesting also the pairings with cold cuts and medium-long aged cheeses such as the fontina.

There is also the Syrah Valle D'Aosta with its intense aroma due to the combination of tradition and innovation that give also the spicy aroma of green pepper, an harmonic and warm aroma ideal for cheese sauces, red meats and game.

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