Cuvee Des Guides Brut Nature in Wooden Box Cave Mont Blanc

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Sommelier score 93/100 2023
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Winery Cave Mont Blanc
Denomination Vino Spumante di Qualità
Alcohol content 12,00%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF AO 598
Winery headquarter Cave Mont Blanc - Morgex (AO) - Str. Des Iles, 31
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Cold cuts and salami, Aperitif, Appetizers, Steamed fish Hors d'oeuvres, Crustaceans, Spaghetti with clams, Grilled Fish, Oysters
Region Aosta Valley (Italy)
Style Medium-bodied and fragrant
Wine list Blanc de Morgex
Wine description

This bottle is sold in a wooden box.


The Cuvée des Guides is part of a renowned collection of wines from the Cave Mont Blanc winery. Maximum expression of the wines of the Mont Blanc territory, a geographical area in which in addition to the geological and meteorological difficulties essential for the cultivation and breeding of the vineyards, there are also territorial difficulties related to the extension of the soil and the steep slopes. Little area for vines, an overall production that with difficulty fully satisfies local demand and needs. Despite the many difficulties present in the Aosta Valley, heroic viticulture resists, rich as few in a great indigenous heritage. The winery, in fact, boasts the cultivation of the "Prié blanc" vine, a white grape variety, whose origins are still uncertain. Maybe it comes from the Savoy or Valais area, but in any case its presence in the Valle d'Aosta territory dates back to a very long time. It is in this area, on the slopes of Mont Blanc that the vine has undergone the genetic mutations that have led it to assume its current characteristics. Like all vines that are able to adapt to extreme conditions, also the "Prié blanc" has an early ripening and a marked acidity. This and its resistance to spring frosts meant that the “Prié blanc” can be grown even above 1000 meters of altitude, prohibitory heights for most traditional grape varieties. The "extreme" environment and the altitude at which it is grown has allowed the vine to resist the attacks of phylloxera, so all crops are "free of foot".


Cuvée des Guides Brut Nature’s features

It is a Valdostano wine produced with the pure vinification of Prié blanc grapes. The winemaking scrupulously follows the ancient method handed down by local winemakers who then, today, add notes of innovation to make the wine even more valuable and refined. In fact, in addition to the traditional refermentation in the bottle in compliance with the Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle classic method, the base wine carries out the first fermentation in stainless steel barrels. Subsequently the second fermentation takes place in the experimental cellar (recent innovation) at 2'174 m. In this particular environment, thanks to the decrease in atmospheric pressure and the rigid temperature, the composition of the perlage and the refinement in the bottle of the precious wine are positively influenced. The dégorgement (elimination of the deposit and clarification of the wine) is carried out no earlier than 15 months. The organoleptic characteristics show a yellow colour with greenish reflections. A floral scent, richly thickened by extremely typical mineral notes. Finally, the mineral flavor is composed of good flavor and freshness. The fine perlage is persistent for a long time.


Suggested food pairings while tasting this Cuvée des Guides Brut Nature

Try it with savory snacks. It is also considered a wine for the whole meal thanks to its breadth of aromas and flavors. Perfect with buffalo mozzarella from Campania, culatello di Zibello. It should be served cold at a temperature of 6 ° to 8 ° C in “Flûte” glasses.

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