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Valle d'Aosta White Wines

The white wines from Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is the Italian region where the cultivation of the grapes is difficult. The wines from the Aosta valley and that one made by the white grapes are excellent even more because the cultivation is hard.

The white wine produced since the Romans is cultivated on the lower side of the mountain up to the White Mount feet. During the centuries, the cultivation was often stopped especially for the invasions. Since the 70’s the production re-started with new techniques to valorize the product and the history of this land.

After years born a productive cooperative to have a major spread and to give a bigger offer in quantity and quality which make the white wines from the Aosta Valley very appreciated to the lovers.

The vineyards and the typical methods of this region

The love and the hard work of the local farmers allowed the cultivation of different vineyards all located on terraces without some particular control of the water.

For example, there is the Blanc de Morgex between the Morgex and La Salle area. This cultivation is located at 1200 meters above the sea level and it is extended upward.

The particular characteristic of this vineyard is the ability to achieve the vegetative cycle in a very short time which give an intense and elegant aroma rich of fresh fruits aromas.

It is very particular also the “Vino del Ghiaccio” (the Ice wine) because the harvest takes place during the night at very low temperatures and this give a very atypical and unique aroma.

Smells and aromas for every match

Despite of the difficulty in the cultivation there are different varieties such as the Chardonnay from Aosta Valley produced along the Dora Baltea river and it has a straw yellow color and a fresh and pleasant aroma.

It is perfect with starters, sea food, vegetables, spices but also cheeses and meats for its dry but lively aroma.

There is also the Petite Arvine located at 600-1000 meters above the sea level with a late maturation that thanks to the thermal excursion between night and day it has an intense and deiced aroma.

In our online wine shop, you will find the different typologies perfect to be matched with your courses and with the cooking from the Aosta Valley.