Sauvignon DOC "Winkl" Terlano

Trentino-Alto Adige
Alto Adige Doc
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Wine Characteristics

Trentino-Alto Adige
Wine list:
Alto Adige Doc
100% Sauvignon Blanc
Standard bottle
Crustaceans, Spaghetti with clams, Cold meats and salami, fresh cheese, Sushi-sashimi, Medium-aged cheeses

Descrizione vino

The "Winkl" Sauvignon Blanc is a sapid, lightly fruit and mineral wine produced in a single variety vinification by the Terlano Winery since 1956. This vine variety has been used since long time in the DOC Terlano territory especially around the most ancient agricultural companies. The DOC certification of the Terlano Alto Adige certifies the origin. The "Winkl" is produced by Sauvignon Blanc grapes at 100%. The wine making process starts with a delicate pressing of the entire bunch and it follows the racking off made by natural sedimentation. The slow fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks under temperature control. Finally the aging period lasts 5-7 months on fine yeasts in steel barrels. The production area in the Terlano town is called “Winkl” and it is located at 270 meters above the sea level but it can achieve the 470 meters. The slopes are exposed at South and South-east and are at 40%.


Characteristics of the Sauvignon "WINKL" DOC wine

It has a bright and intense straw yellow color with light green hints. The perfume has remarkable apricots, tangerine and passion fruit aromas and they are added to some aromatic olfactory components of elder flower, mint and nettle. The taste is in union with the perfume and it is joined by a delicate acidity. It has a good structure and aftertaste but also mineral and rich of aromas.


Suggested pairings with the Sauvignon "WINKL" DOC

The great polyvalence of this Terlano white wine makes it suitable to many seasonal matches. In spring time it is perfect with white boiled asparagus on a “bolzanina” sauce or with green steamed asparagus. In winter season it is perfect with tuna carpaccio, fume salmon or with raw scampo. A typical South-Tyrol match is with knödel with nettle, with the steamed trout on mixed vegetables or with fresh goat cheese.

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