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Umbria Red Wines

The red wine from Umbria

The Umbria has always be a comfort and prolific land for the wines with Italian quality grapes both local then planted, which are used to produced red wines from Umbria internationally renowned, which are able to delight the most classy and elegant palate. There are several wines from Umbria in bottles rich of history with years of experience made with the most ideal methods of wine making process. The perfect climatic conditions and the methodologies of cultivation and vinification are the basis of the success of the wine from Umbria in the world. The red wines from Umbria have a unique bouquet of aromas and smells obtained by different prestigious vines which give to the bottle a unique peculiarity exalted by the aging and by the knowhow of the local wine tradition.

The renowned red wines from Umbria

There are many bottles of red wines from Umbria that have conquered the palates such as the Sagrantino di Montefalco which has brought fame to one of the littlest region in Italy. It is obtained by the same named vine and it has obtained its fame since the last century when it became an excellent wine instead of being a meal wine as before. Another wonderful wine is the Montefalco Rosso, a DOC composed by Sangiovese grapes that has to be aged for at least one year before being commercialized. It has a ruby red color with a delicate and characteristic aroma which becomes harmonic and bodied which is perfect in many circumstances. In our online wine selection you will find all the bottles of these exceptional wines ideal for a classy touch on your table.

How to match the taste of the red wines from Umbria

The tradition tells that the red berries wines have to be matched to tasty, well-flavored and roasted red meats. The red wines from Umbria are perfect for the previous courses but also with more not-traditional pairings such as the bakery but also spicy cheeses. They are excellent also with games. Come in our online wine shop and enrich your table with the taste and the aroma of the best red Umbria wine bottles. By buying the red wines from Umbria you will delight your guests during lunch and dinner time with the Italian red wine tradition. Make your choice and buy all the bottles of red wine from Umbria by taking advantages of the special offers.