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Puglia Red Wines

The red wine from Puglia

The Puglia territory is a renamed land because of its several cultivation of grapes which produce very excellent and renamed wines and it is famous all around the word also for its red wine and its wonderful organoleptic characteristics. All this product is due to the farmer’s work that has changed, during the years, the way of cultivate by passing from a quantity production to a quality one. The wines from Puglia has achieved their best only in the past few years especially in the production of the red wines that today, is one of the most appreciated and perfect to be matched to the local cooking but not only thanks to the local vines. Our selection of red wines from Puglia will absolutely delight your taste directly at home.

The typologies of red wines from Puglia

The most loved and renamed red wine from Puglia is the Negroamaro, produced by the homonym local vine that give life to a prestigious and quality wine which is able to exalt every dishes. The smell reminds the lands from Puglia while its dry and round taste is perfect for the entire meal. Another very appreciated typology of Puglia wine is the Primitivo di Manduria, a red almost purple colored wine very delicate and pleasant in the aroma and if aged it has a velvety taste. There is also the Rosso del Salento, a very bodied wine perfect for the Puglia territory especially if produced with the Salice Salentino that if aged achieve its perfect aroma and smell which reminds the roots.

The offers of the wine from Puglia

There are several old writers that mentioned the goodness of the red wine from Puglia from the Romans to now a day, a long transforming process that has lead a common wine to a very excellent one. The love, the passion and the dedication for the soil has rewarded the farmers from Puglia that today produce a very quality wine: a perfect representation of the soil of origins. In our online wine shop you will find the red wine from Puglia bottles with special prices. With this online shop you will have the opportunity to bring home the wine that will matched perfectly with your food and will delight your guests and you. Check our online catalog of red wines from Puglia and enjoy the taste of these wines by saving money.