Pecorino "COLLEVENTANO" Fattoria Giuseppe Savini

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Sommelier score 91/100 2023
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Winery Fattoria Giuseppe Savini
Denomination Pecorino "COLLEVENTANO"
Vintage 2022
Grapes 100% Pecorino
Alcohol content 13,00%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF TE/3137
Winery headquarter Fattoria Giuseppe Savini - Morro D’Oro (TE) - Contrada Piane Vomano, Frazione Pagliare
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Cold cuts and salami, Aperitif, Steamed fish Hors d'oeuvres, Warm fish appetizers, Grilled Fish, Spaghetti with clams, Mussels, White Meat, Risotto with vegetables
Region Abruzzo (Italy)
Style Light and fresh
Wine list Pecorino
Wine description

Fattoria Giuseppe Savini produces this sensational Pecorino wine of the Abruzzo tradition. The vines used are those of Pecorino 100% pure. The origin of the grapes falls in the DOC area of the Province of Teramo. For the vinification the selected grapes are immediately crushed. After the soft pressing, static settling follows for 36 hours and then alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature for about 12 days. Then the wine rests in stainless steel tanks, in contact with the yeasts of fermentation for about two months, before being decanted and bottled; it follows a short aging in bottle.


Characteristics of Pecorino Colleventano

The aspect evidenced by the organoleptic examination, this wine has a straw yellow color with reflections tending to golden. The aroma is elegant, persuasive, rich in spicy notes such as sage, mint, citrus notes of bergamot with hints of white fruit such as peach, and apple, as well as slight mineral notes perfectly integrated with each other to create a complex bouquet. The taste in the mouth is full, of great pleasure where stand out sapidity and freshness well balanced by a soft dose. The finish is very persistent, clean, pleasantly mineral.


Suggested pairings tasting this excellent white wine

It goes well with fish dishes, appetizers and raw seafood, shellfish, pasta dishes of the marinara tradition and baked light blue fish, sea bass and sea bream above all. The serving temperature is 12°C in a not very wide glass.

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