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Denomination Franciacorta Docg
Grapes Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Nero 10%, Pinot Bianco 10%
Organic Yes
Alcohol content 12,50%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF BS 3489
Winery headquarter Lantieri de Paratico - Capriolo (BS) - Via Videtti, 3
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination Steamed fish Hors d'oeuvres, Warm fish appetizers, Spaghetti with clams, Risotto, Sushi-sashimi, Fresh cheese, Mussels, Mixed fried fish
Region Lombardy (Italy)
Style Light and fresh
Wine list Franciacorta
Wine description

A refined Franciacorta DOCG Bio that the Lantieri winery of Lombardy produces starting from a precious blend composed of Chardonnay grapes for 80%, Pinot Noir grapes for 10%, and Pinot Blanc grapes for 10%. All the characteristics of this sensational product of the refined Lombarda winery are secretly kept by the producer, who realizes this product in a completely biological way, without any use of pesticides and chemicals, neither in the vineyard nor in the wine making phase.


Characteristics of this Franciacorta Bio

On organoleptic examination, this Franciacorta has a light yellow color and is characterized by a subtle and continuous perlage. The aroma is expressed by the sweet toasted notes of dried fruit, bakery and bakery pastry, which blend with the vegetal nuances of lemon balm, while the fruit recalls the meaty drupes. Peach, apple, plum and medlar, then white melon and pineapple, even if not at the height of its ripeness. Citrus tastes like orange, cedar, even as jellies, and kumquat. It closes with nuances of apricot, lily of the valley and minerality of pumice. The taste has a rich medium-balanced sip, because it is quite fresh and savory, the texture is medium and leads us to returns of fruit where citrus fruits win.


Recommended pairings tasting this Lombard wine

A sparkling wine of Franciacorta DOCG Bio splendid as a classy aperitif, suitable for golden and fried cod fillets. The optimal serving temperature is 8 ºC in a high and tapered glass.

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