Lantieri de Paratico, noble and ancient family of Brescia, have Franciacorta roots that date back more than a thousand years ago, given that the first certain date that documents it dates back to the year 930 d. C. Illustrious ancestors adorn his family tree, from a Blessed Lucia Lantieri to a scholar of military tactics to finally arrive at the famous engineer and mathematician Giacomo Lantieri who spent a life so adventurous as to inspire even a book; Servant your humble and devout. Today’s history of this winery develops in Capriolo, a charming medieval village, where in the 70s Giancarlo Lantieri, began, among the very first, with the enologist Cesare Ferrari, at his debut in the field of bubbles, the production of what is now called Franciacorta D.O.C.G. The Lantieri winery produces today about 160,000 bottles, of which 120,000 of Franciacorta DOCG and the remaining of Curtefranca, employing 20 hectares of vineyards all led directly from the company, located in the municipalities of Capriolo and Adro, in the green and protected by the hills, called Colzano, surrounding the company. The silicon clay and limestone structure of these soils makes them particularly suited to the cultivation of vines and, in particular, of Chardonnay, the dominant grape variety.

Patrizia Rocca Lantieri
Santini Alessandro e Ferrari Cesare
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Franciacorta, Curtefranca
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
20 ha
Lantieri de Paratico - Capriolo (BS) - Via Videtti, 3
Vini della cantina LANTIERI DE PARATICO