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Basilicata Wines

The wine from Basilicata

The landscape of the Basilicata is rich of vineyards and the grape harvest and the producing period have always marked the rhythm of the local farmers and the change of the seasons. An historical reward to the Lucania that is the protagonist of the worldwide knowledge of the tradition and culture of this region.

The origins dates back very long time ago to the Oenotrians and then the Lucanians since 1300 before Christ. Then the Greeks commercialized this product in the Mediterranean Sea. The Romans and the all the domination and wine production has always been present as shown the Matera's and Roccanova's caves used as cellars.

Today the wines from Lucania are living a transformation period because of the growing demand of the Aglianico wine cultivated in the Vulture territory, one of the most appreciated wine of this region and appreciated from the best experts and sommelier.

The grow and the constant improving of the quality

The wine from Lucania is one of the most appreciated of the Italian territory and it is due to the 10000 km² of territory with mountains and hills perfect for the cultivation of the grapes with the ideal climate.

The most important area is the Vulturne one at north of Potenza close to the ancient volcano that as changed the soil with the addition of potassium. Here is produced one of the most important wines of the Basilicata the Falanghina with its fresh aroma. The grapes of this wine are lately picked the third week of October when the white berries has achieved the right maturation moment. The wine making process takes place under temperature control and it made a bright straw yellow colored wine with green reflections.

Among the white wines from Basilicata there is the remarkable Grottino di Roccanova cultivated in the Potenza area, realized with the Malvasia Bianca grape with important aromas, with more sugars.

Suggested pairings rich of personalities

As for most of the red wines also the product from Lucania are perfect with red meats, with game and aged cheeses. They are also perfect with mushrooms and ragu. They are perfect to be served at 16°C in high and wide wine glasses to help the spreading of the bouquet.

Among the white wines from Basilicata there are some great matched for the appetizer with fresh cheeses and grilled or baked fish but also with clams and mussels. It must be served at 10°C in high and tapered wine glasses.

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