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The Winery Tenuta Luisa was born more than 80 years ago, when Francesco Luisa, a widower at the age of 37 years and six children, bought 5 acres of land. From here begins the story of Luisa of Corona, with his son Delciso who succeeded his father, and the daughter Eddi that at age 13 he entered with determination in the winery  her father. Even today, Eddi  is alongside the sons Michael, winemaker and David, an agricultural expert. There are two generations in comparison to unite in the respect of the product and the territory, tradition and constant search for innovation.

The enthusiasm and courage combined to great foresight led  Tenuta Luisa  reach today 75 hectares of planted with vines.

Eddi Luisa
Michele Luisa
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, Traminer Aromatico, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, Ribolla Gialla, Refosco, Friulano, Merlot e Cabernet Sauvignon.
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
85 ha
Tenuta Luisa - Mariano del Friuli (GO) - Via Campo Sportivo, 13
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Interview with producer

Which are the future projects for your cellar?

All the projects are connected to the same goal which is the improvement of the quality:

-       We want to be focused more and more on the ambience and the nature of the wines: we use the solar panels to produce energy and we use at minimum the chemical treatments. We use the integrated pest control. Our grape is so healthy that we can use very little sulphites between the 60 and 80 mg/l when the biological low in Italy permits until 150 mg/l.

-       Improvement of technologies to produce even more natural wines: recently we have bought a press that during the grapes pressing, instead of introducing oxygen, introduces nitrogen. In this way we avoid the oxygenation and we can use an even more low quantity of sulphites.

-       Experimentation of the premium I Ferretti line to obtain long-lived wines with a similar Borgogna style but with a more accessible price.


In your opinion, how much is important the improvement of the quality of the wines you produce?

The wine has to be a natural and healthy drink. That’s why we produce the wine only with the grapes of our vineyards. The integrated pest  control, low profit for hectare (only 1,2 kg of grapes for vine!), usage of solar energy, low use of sulphites are the characteristics for a wine production in the respect of the nature and the health of the drinker.


If you have to convince a customer to buy your wine, what would you say to him?

Come to our company and touch our work: from the fields where we produce only 1 or maximum 1,5 Kg of grapes per vine, to the cellar where the cleanness is the main thing and a computerized control of every tank. Have you noticed that the crown of our label reports our visage? My sons Davide and Michele and me, we guarantee personally the quality of our wine.


Which is your favorite thing of your work, and which is the worst?

I like checking the vineyards every morning and to methodically follow the vine develop. I love guest the consumers in the company to let them touch the quality and the obligation of our work. Because in Tenuta Luisa you arrive as customer and you go back as friend!

I like the less the bureaucratic aspects. Today working in Italy is always more difficult, I’m for “Less papers and more transparence and obligations from everyone”.


If the Prime Minister would call you and he would ask you a wine for a very important dinner, which wine would you suggest him, and why?

Desiderium I Ferretti because is a refined wine but at the same time is adaptable for everyone’s taste.

It was only produced in 2000 btg per year it is fruity and it comes from chardonnay, friulano and sauvignon grapes.

The chardonnay refinement is in 500 l barrels whereas the friulano and the sauvignon are refined in steel. The result is a special wine perfectly equilibrated which is a balance between a vanilla flavor of the chardonnay and the fresh and fruity flavors of the friulano and sauvignon.

Desiderium is perfect with an asparagus risotto but also with linguine with taggasche olives, pachino tomatoes and prawn and why not with a baked rhombus with novella potatoes. 


If you have to give an advice to all the cellars of your territory, what would you advice?

The Friuli Venezia Giulia is the 2% of the national production and it is unknown in the foreign countries. By the way it is identify as the most qualify region in Italy for the wine production. Often is confused with the Veneto which produces the 20% of the national production but it has a different philosophy concerning the wine production. We have to promote more our territory by fairs and tasting and involves more the region to promote tourism and so to bring consumers to the discovery of the wine and the territory. 


In the last years the web commerce is expanding a lot, the online wine shops are growing up more and more; how do you consider this market news?

Internet is changing the selling world from the purchase to the knowledge and the socialization manners. Thinking of not using this possibility would mean being obtuse. Internet is not the future; is already the present!


Why have you decided to commit the sale of the wines to the online wine shop Uritalianwines?

Giuseppe, the owner, is a dynamic man, prepared, proponent and reliable. His thoughts are the same as ours so we had decided to start this synergy.


Which is the wine you would suggest to the online Uritalianwines customers and why?

It does not exist only one wine. The wines are chosen according to the moments, to the company and to the matches.

Beyond the Desiderium, the sauvignon Tenuta Luisa is my favorite. But why do not discover the local friulano, the ribolla or the refosco? The friulano is adaptable and it can be match to the San Daniele, to vegetables courses, to fish and to white meats. The ribolla is perfect with the fish and with fried vegetables. The refosco, fresh and tannic it is perfect with rich and fat meat courses or with aging cheeses. If you have never tried our pinot bianco I suggest it: delicate and refined it is a very elegant wine.

If you want to be surprised, you have to try our cabernet franc. The Friuli is known for the whites wines but our DOC Isonzo is known for the red wines thanks to a rich mineral territory which gives an exceptional taste to the wines. 

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