Castellare di Castellina was born from the union of four farms Castellare, Caselle, San Niccolò and Le Case created by Paolo Panerai with the aim of producing the best possible quality wine. It was the 1970s when the so-called Renaissance of Italian wine began. A Renaissance to which Castellare had the opportunity to make his own contribution, keeping together tradition and innovation. The tradition in the care of vineyards and soils, distinguished between fields with easy-to-work soils and the firm ones that are the hardest but best soils for the cultivation of vines, to respect the Chianti Classico using only native vines and to produce a great wine, internationally recognized as one of the largest reds in the world, using only native Tuscan vines.

Castellare di Castellina
Cellai Alessandro
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Chianti, Vin Santo Chiani Riserva, I Sodi di San Nicolò, Poggio ai Merli, Chianti Riserva
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
29 ha
CASTELLARE - Castellina in Chianti (SI) - Località Caselle
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