Cantine del Notaio was founded in 1998 by Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, thus gathering the witness of his grandfather with whom he had in common not only the name but also the same passion for wine. Respect for the roots and tradition, love for the territory and fascination for innovation and technology are all the elements that distinguish this company of Basilicata. The territory is the Lucanian Vulture, an extinct volcano on the slopes of which is cultivated the Aglianico, grape variety symbol of these places and with ancient origins, known since the times of ancient Greece: the peculiarity of these grapes is in fact greatly influenced by the volcano itself, which gives the soil a certain minerality as well as the presence of tufaceous layers that serve as a reserve of water in periods of drought. The vineyards cover an area of about 40 hectares, distributed among the most characteristic and famous districts of the Vulture area: Rionero, Barile, Ripacandida, Machito, Ginestra; the cellars are ancient caves of the seventeenth century located in the family palace. The peculiarity of the name of this winery is due to the fact that Gerardo’s father had stopped working in the fields and vineyards in order to dedicate himself to the profession of notary: the viticulture was then taken over by Gerardo himself, who instead took the opposite route deciding to leave what had been done up to that moment in order to dedicate himself to viticulture and to what he inherited from his grandfather.

Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti e Luigi Moio
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40 ha
Cantine del Notaio - Rionero in Vulture (PZ) - Via Roma, 159
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