Aglianico Riserva "Contado" DOC Di Majo Norante
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Doc Molise Aglianico
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Wine Characteristics

Di Majo Norante
Wine list:
Molise Doc
Doc Molise Aglianico
100% Aglianico
Standard bottle
Medium-bodied and fragrant
Pasta all'amatriciana, Meat stewed, Fillet with green pepper, Cold meats and salami, mushroom risotto, Cannelloni, Medium-aged cheeses

Descrizione vino

The Phoenician introduced the Aglianico in Italy from Greece and in particular from the Eubea, several centuries before Christ. From this “Ancient Vine” is produced a wine which was praised by Paolo III, the Pope. It is produced with Aglianico grapes used at 100% in the DOC area in Molise at Ramitello and Contrada Camarda at 100 meters above the sea level. The soil is mostly clay and sandy which give to the wine a great mineral and structured taste. The harvest takes place at the end of October and ends in the first decade of November. The wine making process starts with the maceration of the peels on must for 1 month. The malolactic fermentation takes place naturally. Finally the maturing takes place a part in oak barrels of little and medium size and the other part in steel tanks and then for 6 months in bottles. The proof is 13,6% and the acidity is 5,45 grams per liter.


Characteristics of the red wine Aglianico "Contado"

The red wine Contado DOC of the Di Majo Norante winery has a ruby red color with a light orange reflection, a winy aroma, very wide and intense with ripe fruit hints. It is soft and velvety, very harmonic and structured, tannic with an almond flavor.


Suggested matches with the "Contado" Doc

It has to be served at 18°C in wide wine glasses to permit the oxygenation and it is recommended a settling time of about 2 hours. It has to be paired with tasty courses, main courses, game, meat and cheese. It is very good with Mediterranean cooking. 

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