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Wines from Molise

The Molise region is one of the littlest in Italy with the territory which consists in half mountains and half hills with different vineyards spread in the most of the territory. One of the most spread wine is the red from Molise made by the Tintilia a local vine used for a very renowned DOC wine which is the excellence of this area. The little area of the territory has allowed the influences of the boundary regions that explain the presence of the Molise’s Sangiovese or the Aglianico both used for the production of renowned wines. There are also white wines such as the white Bombino a light wine that can assume an interesting taste especially if cultivated for a low yield.

The DOC Molise wines

Besides being a little place, there are four DOC denomination such as the Tintilia del Molise DOC and the Molise DOC which are cultivated almost everywhere. The Pentro d'Isernia DOC and the Biferno DOC can be both red or white, often produced with the same vine. In Molise there are also two IGT wines: the Terra degli Osci IGT and the Rotae IGT two excellence mostly appreciated by the foreigners. The Molise is even more assuming an own identity far from the influences of the closest regions. The DOC Molise wines are a consolidated reality thanks to the different cultivation methods. From the most traditional methods to the most modern one such as the trellised cultivations.

Why buying the wine of Molise

A very modern wine with a price/quality ratio among the most convenient in the market, a very perfect choice to bring home for the the authenticity and connection to the history of the territory. It has acquired a clear and recognizable identity. By buying the Molise wine you will bring home a new excellence in the Italian wines landscape with typical scent and aromas of the territory. In our online wine shop you can buy several bottles of the Molise wine with sale prices thanks to our offers. Find out the Molise tradition, take advantage of our offers to cheer all the palates. Buy now the Molise wine bottles and you will receive home the fragrances and lightness of this wine.