Di Majo Norante

The Di Majo Norante winery has produced wines from its grapes since 1800 as testify the cellars under the square and the old palace of the Campomarino family. The dedication of the family to the cultivation of the vine was inherit by Luigi and then by Alessio di Majo both lovers of the research and the experimentation. The wines are produced by the exclusive company production of 85 hectares of vineyard. The company is located inside the feud of the marquis Norante di Santa Cristina. For this reason the wine philosophy of the Di Majo Norante respects the traditional approach to the cultivation of the vine and to the production of the wine by trying to keep all the Mediterranean grapes characteristics. The careful selection of the grapes, the picking and the wine making technics are always done to improve the quality and the healthiness of the wines. The union between old technics and modern technologies permits the production of biologic wine  which deserves to be delighted for its deep expression of typicality. There are cultivations of Malvasia, Trebbiano, Montepulciano and Sangiovese but also experimental ones like the Bombino and Aglianico in addition to the old vines of Falanghina and Greco for the production of the white wines. Ellenico-Aglianico, Prugnolo and Tintilia for the red ones and Moscato reale for the sweet raisin wine. The experimentation of these wines joined by the good results permit the company to preserve a brave choice which give birth to complex contemporary tastes for very competitive prices.

Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Aglianico "Contado", Apiane Moscato Reale del Molise, Don Luigi Riserva, Falanghina del Molise, Greco, Ramitello Riserva, Sangiovese, Tintilia Riserva.
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
123 ha
Di Majo Norante - Campomarino (CB) - Via Vino Ramitello, 4
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