Pio Cesare was born in 1881 when its founder, Cesare Pio, a successful entrepreneur, attracted by the idea of producing a small amount of wine for his family and his customers, decided to give life, on the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco, to his own company. His resourcefulness, as also attested by the authentic copy of his passport n.55, one of the first to be issued in Italy, will then push him, in the following years, to travel far and wide for Europe, with the aim of promoting its wines, thus transforming something that was born out of pure passion into a real business. Then his son, Giuseppe Pio, carried on his father's business, further investing in the cellar and also committing himself a lot on the commercial level; subsequently, Rosy, Giuseppe's only daughter, and her husband, the engineer from Alba, Giuseppe Boffa, will further contribute to the growth of the company in the national and international market. Today, Pio, the last of Rosy and Giuseppe's children and fourth generation of the family, leads the family business, with the support of his cousin Augusto, his nephew Cesare and his daughter Rosy. Currently, Pio Cesare owns about 70 hectares of vineyards; the choice of having the vineyards located in different areas is certainly not accidental, but is determined by the desire to blend and amalgamate the different characteristics of each vineyard and each area, in order to produce wines representative of the style of the totality of terroirs. Harvest after harvest, the wines of Pio Cesare maintain the style they have always had over the years, as well as of course a character of great value; this implies low yields, minimal interventions for the phytosanitary defense and maniacal selection of the grapes, bunch by bunch, grape by grape.

Pio Boffa
Fenocchio Paolo
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Grignolino, Gavi e Barolo Chinato
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
74 ha
Pio Cesare - Alba (CN) - Via Cesare Balbo, 6
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