Young but already established productive reality, Mesa is a wine company that was founded in 2005 thanks to an intuition of the famous advertiser of Sardinian origin Gavino Sanna. The name, which as in Spanish means "table" or "Desco", perfectly represents the idea behind its birth: a place of convivium, simplicity and love towards a wonderful land, which is Sardinia and in particular the beautiful area of Carbonia-Iglesias. It is in these valleys, characterized by sandy soils, that wines of great character and brightness are born, starting from the most typical vines of the area: Carignano, cannonau and Vermentino. In the heart of Sulcis, the Mesa winery currently has about seventy hectares of vineyards, where the plants are raised with saplings or spurred cordon.Both between the rows and in the cellar, the agronomic and enological management are entrusted to the tandem composed by the Trentino Stefano Cova and the Sardinian Michele Flore, with Gavino Sanna who follows very closely all that is the part related to image and marketing. Here we arrive at Sant'Anna Arresi, where we meet a white, unusual and minimalist structure, surrounded by gentle hilly slopes and staggered in the middle of the green of the Mediterranean maquis, as to create an ideal contrast with that land that comes, instead, in wines exalted and enhanced in every small nuance. Then the doors open, to discover the approximately 5 thousand square meters, divided into three levels and arranged in such a way that grapes and wine can be treated with the utmost respect and with particular regard: no mechanical pumps, therefore, but displacements that occur through the principle of "natural fall". Finally, the aging process, which is carried out in the basement of the cellar. This is how all the wines labeled "Mesa" are born, which today take names like "Buio", "Giunco", "Malombra" and "Opale", to continue with all the others. Territorial wines, integralists, punctual and precise, faithful expression of a region that, if we talk about wine, is second to none.

Santa Margherita
Cova Stefano
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Vermentino, Cannonau, Isola dei Nuraghi
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
70 ha
MESA - Sant'Anna Aresi (SU) - Località Su Baroni
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