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Veneto White Wines

The white wine from Veneto

The Venetian production is perfectly renowned also abroad where the tradition of the cultivation of the white grapes for the production of the wines from Veneto is truly appreciated. From the Euganea hills to the Berico hills, it is all spread by vines cultivations where it born the white wines from Veneto which are very prestigious and they can satisfy from the starters to the desserts for every palate.

There are several denominations from the DOC, DOCG, IGT to the DOP. They can be sparkling, normal, sweet, but in every version, the white wine can be appreciated in a traditional and tasted trip along this wonderful territory to find out all the unforgettable aromas.

The choose of the white wines from Veneto

In our online catalogue you can chose from different white wines from Veneto such as the Soave del Veneto in the classic or superior version a DOCG product cultivated on the hills of Verona which is characterized by a straw yellow color that according to the different varieties can have more green reflection with an intense aroma and an harmonic taste.

Another very interesting wine is the white Passito which has its typical amber color or orange and it is realized to be matched with traditional local desserts such as the shortbread but it’s also the perfect match of the chocolate. It can’t be missed the Prosecco wine perhaps the most renowned Venetian wine which is typical of the Valdobbiadene area with its characteristic aroma in the brut and extra dry versions.

Tasting the white wines from Veneto

There are several pairings available with the white wines from Veneto. The homemade pasta is perfect with a white wine from Veneto but also the fish soups or the polenta. Concerning the second courses are perfect with strong meats and delicate fish courses. They are also perfect with vegetables and quite spicy cheeses without forgetting the typical desserts from Veneto.

Come in our online wine shop and find out the best white wines from Veneto with very special prices. Discover the typical aroma of this land and buy the most prestigious white wines to delight your guests with the typical aromas.