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The white wines from Umbria

Umbria is one of the most important regions in Italy for the wine and food traditions that began with the Romans and Etruscans that already in that period produced the wines from Umbria with white grapes particularly tasty.

Already Pliny the Elder talked about these wines and in 1400 the white wine from Orvieto was given to the painters that worked in the middle of Italy in that period. After that time the quantity won on the quality so the wine loses the reputation earned during the years.

By the way in 1960 the local farmers decided to give importance to the quality so the wines became ones again the same of the past centuries and today the white wines are considered one of the best in our culture. The region is hilly, rich of green with a continental climate perfect for the cultivation of the vines.

The tastes and the aromas of the best wines made with white grapes

Thanks to the very green area the white wines from Umbria are characterized by intense aromas remarkable for the persistence and perfect for different matches.

There are the chardonnay grapes, implanted from France and used to produce a wonderful white wine with a straw yellow color and with a round, fixed and structured taste with a complex, fresh and smelly bouquet.

Most on the white wines sold in our online wine shop belongs to the Bianchi IGT selection which guarantees the execution of some strict rules about the cultivation and the wine making process.

There is for example the Grechetto umbro, with an intense and persistent aroma on the palate and intense smells with exotic fruits and yellow peach aromas together with frizz and hawthorn hints.

The perfect taste matches

The white wines from Umbria are perfect as appetizers served at 10°C so they can spread their intense and interesting aromas, served in high and tapered wine glasses. They are also good with fish or white meats perfect for the delicacy of this wine from Umbria.

Thanks to the clay soils of the cultivation, these wines can be matched with fresh cheeses soups or with medium aged cold cuts typical of this area.

To find the best white wine from Umbria visit our online wine store to find the best prices to bring home these wonderful products perfect to be matched with many courses.