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Piedmont White Wines

The white wine from Piedmont

The wines from Piedmont are for sure the most appreciated not only in the national territory but also abroad where the great tradition of wines is renowned especially in the rigid selection of the bottles born from the white grapes. The white wine from Piedmont is for sure an explosion of tastes and aromas and it represents the excellence in the wine national tradition.

From the Susa valley to the Langhe and Monferrato, the several rains and the rigid temperatures give birth to the maturation of white vines of Piedmont among the most appreciated for the perfect mix between smells and tastes. Our offer of white wines from Piedmont represents the typical production of the territory with a rich prestigious catalogue that you can bring home to give to your guests the sensational of a wonderful trip among the colors and the tastes of the Piedmont countryside.

The white wines from Piedmont to bring home

When we talk about white wines from Piedmont we refer to the excellence in the wine Italian tradition with the DOC and DOCG denomination with intense tastes that can enrich the poorest courses. One of the most produced is the Arneis wine that can perfectly represent the white production of Piedmont that born from the homonym grapes located in the Cuneo province. It has an intense and rich taste with a straw yellow color almost amber, depending on the aging period, and it is perfect for light starters but also with grilled meats or vegetables.

Another white wine is the passito that normally is matched with cookies or jam pies but also with blue cheeses that exalt its wonderful taste. Always concerning the sweets and the appetizers there is also the Moscato from Piedmont directly from the Langhe territory a real grapes infusion with a very unique taste.

The offer of the white wines from Piedmont

They are perfect if matched with starters, with fish or with white grilled meats and their versatility is the strength of these wines which give some very special sensations on the palate for prestigious lunches and dinners. The service temperature depends on the varieties, to 10°C for the classic Arneis to the 20°C for the sweet Moscato served with the most suitable wine glass to exalt every sensation.

Surf in our online wine shop and you will find out the best white wines Piedmont tradition that you can find in the web with all the special offers that can allow you to bring home these wines by saving money. Looked at your favorite white wine from Piedmont and in a short time you will receive your favorite wine directly at home: a unique occasion to taste the prestigious of the Piedmont tradition.