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Trentino-Alto Adige Sparkling

Sparkling wines from Trentino

Among the products which honors the Made in Italy there are the sparkling wines from Trentino Alto Adige, renamed for its pleasantness and the use for every special occasion.

Historically this region is very important to produce wines and the wines from Trentino are renamed for their unique and special tastes. The history of the wine culture of this region dates back before the Romans.

Already in that period the local inhabitants were famous to produce the wines and with the Romans the wine making processes improved and so the quantity produced by keeping attention always to the quality.

These are the basis for a long process to achieve the production of the modern sparkling wines from Trentino which are characterized by the adding of fermentation products directly in the bottle which create the amazing bubbles which are the main aspect of this drink.

Wineries and producing method to obtain a unique taste

There are several sparkling wines in Alto Adige and Trentino with a mix of tastes and smells which are the result of the hard work of the local farmers with a careful selection of the vines, with the right exposition to the sun and the soils that often is a natural mystery.

There is the famous Ferrari sparkling wine characterized by selected Chardonnay grapes, manually picked from the vineyards located at 400-600 meters above the sea level with flowers, almond and apple aromas.

Most of the sparkling wines are present in our online wine shop and they take part of the Trento Doc Spumante denomination which are enveloping and can pleased all the lovers and experts.

The perfect matches to exalt the flavors

The sparkling wine from Alto Adige and Trentino are suitable to many courses and almost every course exalts their aromas and it easy to find the perfect matches also without the aid of the experts.

These sparkling wines are perfect as starters with cold cuts or steamed vegetables. They are also very good with delicate sauces which exalt the ethereal aromas of these wines or with fish second courses.

In our online wine shop, you will find the Trentino Alto Agide sparkling wines to enrich your cellar with special offers and you will receive them directly at home.