Rosso di Valtellina "TEI" DOC Sandro Fay

Rosso di Valtellina DOC
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A history that begins in 1973, when Sandro Fay decided to develop his winery, starting from a little...
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Wine Characteristics

Sandro Fay
Wine list:
Rosso di Valtellina DOC
90% Nebbiolo (Chiavennasca), 10% Merlot, Brugnola, Rossola, Pignola.
Standard bottle
Full-bodied and intense
Cold meats and salami, Pasta all'amatriciana, Chicken nuggets, Cockerel grilled, Fillet with green pepper, White Meat, Cannelloni, Risotto

Descrizione vino

The red wine Valtellina Téi, produced by Sandro Fay, comes from the vineyards cultivated in the district of Teglio and it is exactly the name of the village, in the dialect form Téi, that identify this product. It is a blend of different vine varieties: 90% Nebbiolo, Brugnola, Rossola and 10% Pignola. These grapes have a lot of history behind them, in particular Nebbiolo, called in this zones Chiavennasca, that is able to offer great results to the producers like Sandro Fay, that are able to treat them with the right attention. The plants, located around Teglio, are south-oriented. Fay cultivates its vineyards with Guyot method and with classical Sylvoz, typical of Valtellina. The soils are sour, rich of sand and loam. All the passages of the wine making process are managed in steel: alcoholic-malolactic fermentation and maturation. This wine, with its great personality and lightness, is a clear expression of the territory.


Features of this Rosso di Valtellina produced by Sandro Fay

The organoleptic analysis reveals an empty garnet red colour. The scent is rich but delicate, with fruity hints that recall plums and red cherries at the beginning, while the end notes are characterized by dried fruits. The taste is balanced, soft, with a good sourness, light tannins and a good persistence.


Recommended food pairings while tasting this red wine from Lombardy

This wine represents the ideal companion for the traditional dishes of “Crotti Valtellinesi” (in dialect, typical restaurants in Valtellina). It is perfect with cold cuts of the region like “prosciutto crudo” and “bresaola”, with cheeses like “bitto” and also with grilled or stewed red meats. It has to be served at 18°C in a high, tapered wine glass and it reaches an alcoholic strength of 12,5% Vol.

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