Sandro Fay

A history that begins in 1973, when Sandro Fay decided to develop his winery, starting from a little oenological production of his family. In those years they built the new headquarter of the winery, located in San Giacomo di Teglio and started to enlarge the cultivated surface by joining the little parcels together, reaching the actual 14 hectares, owned in part by the family and part rented. The heart of the production is in the sub-zone called Valgella, located in Teglio district. Its name comes from the dialectal “Valgel”, that identifies all the little rivers that characterize the area. The vineyards are placed between 350-900 meters on the sea level and represent the heart of the production of this winery. The company grew a lot during the years and searched always for a greater level of quality. In the 90s were involved in this challenge also the sons Marco and Elena. The winery Sandro Fay has a motto that express perfectly their production philosophy: “…Our task is to crate different wines that represent their different terroirs and to enhance them for their personality.”. Fay underlines the necessity of particular cares for those vineyards located in hard territories, where they still work manually, giving value to the heroical viticulture of these zones. Work in Valtellina is the biggest challenge, because of the elevation, because of the terraces, because it is the biggest cultivated area, in the mountains, for the wine production. This winery wants to give value to its Chiavennasca, local name of Nebbiolo, that is the most cultivated variety in a zone where the soils are characterized by granite formation, sand and loam and where clay and limestone are absent.

Sandro Fay
Marco Fay
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Sforzato, Sassella, Inferno, Valgella, Rosso Valtellina
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
15 ha
Sandro Fay - San Giacomo di Teglio (SO) - Via Pila Caselli, 1
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