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Veneto Red Wines

The red wine from Veneto

The Veneto is a prolific and rich land for the wine production and it offers prestigious red wines to taste in their fullness. The red wines from Veneto are produced in a perfect geographical area for the growth and maturation of the grapes: an ideal microclimate with a diversification of the bottles all made in Italy. There are both local vines and foreign ones that has found in Veneto their perfect habitat and it is impossible to give a unique interpretation to the red wine from Veneto because it is very versatile. There are several red grapes cultivations such as the Merlot, the Cabernet Sauvignon, and the classic Refosco or the Raboso and all suitable with a variety of different cooking not only the one from Veneto. With an intense color, characteristics aromas and bodied tastes, the red wines from Veneto are the ideal choice to learn the tradition and tastes of the food and wines.

The most renowned red wines from Veneto

The red wine from Veneto is internationally renowned and appreciated and abroad, it is a reference point for the wine culture from Veneto. For sure the Amarone wines are the most appreciated and wanted and if aged they can achieve very important smells and tastes. With a garnet color, this wine can be compared to the spearhead of the regional wine production. Among the most interesting DOC wines there is the Valpolicella Classico, with its warm and silky taste that delight the palate of the most difficult tasters and it took its name from the coming area which is the Valpolicella Classica. Another red wine from Veneto is the Rosso Veronese, that is produced with the grapes cultivated in Verona, and it is a versatile wine.

The red wines from Veneto with special offers

Here we propose you the best bottles of wine from Veneto to match with all kind of dishes you want. Depending on the body of the taste more or less delicate, it can be matched with roasted game, red meats, cold cuts but also with cheeses, boiled or braised meats, or even with certain fishes. The versatility of the red wines from Veneto is a reference point to match them with all your meal. Take advantage of the sales prices in our online wine shop: a special occasion to enjoy and delight your guests with the unforgettable wine you have always desired. Find out the convenience in our shop and enjoy the culture of the red wines from Veneto and bring home the aromas of that land where the wines are made with love and dedication for a unique and unforgettable products.