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Wines Magnum

Magnum Wines

This is one of the most appreciated gift, especially during the best occasions, and with its elegance can be the best solution for the special moments for the best toasts with friends and together with the closest persons.

In our online win shop you can choose among a selection of Italian wines but not only which are sold in the Magnum size made of red wines or sparkling ones from the Prosecco to the Champagne.

At your disposal there are the wine gift packaging and magnum size bottles of very high quality and they are sold in elegant paper or metal boxes which are silk-screen printed with the name of the winery. Take advantage of the accurate selection and don't lose the wonderful characteristics of every single wine.

Prestigious and high quality bottles

In our online wine shop you will find superior quality level wine such as the Magnum Champagne wines which are the result of a very careful working method that make them prestigious. There are the Cuvvée and Millesimato wines and they are the best expression of tastes.

These products have a light color almost gold with some bubbles, that thanks to the fermentation period are soft and elegant with an harmonic and balanced taste.

There is also very important the Magnum Barbera wine with special offers for the 3 liters bottle perfect for a dinner with friends and it is very elegant for the 12 months aging period in barrels. It has a ruby red color with woody aromas and a bodied and full taste which is also velvety and delicate.

The right matches

Among the different bottles our online wine shop can offers you the rich Amarone perfect for aged cheeses and roasted meats but also the Chardonnay perfect for crustaceans and grilled fish.

The most matching wine is the Prosecco magnum wine with its straw yellow color and the bright and pearly foam is fresh and fragrant on the palate but also intense and fruity in the aromas and it reminds the apple and apricot.

These wines must be served at 6-8°C and they are perfect for the appetizer or with fish but also with the dessert and the bakery.

Chose now the quality of our product and buy the magnum you can find in our online wine shop and don't lose the special offers at your disposal. Take advantage of the convenience and enrich your personal collection.