Chaudelune Vin de Glace DOC in Box Cave Mont Blanc

Valle d'Aosta
Chaudelune Vin del Glace DOC
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Wine Characteristics

Cave Mont Blanc
Valle d'Aosta
Wine list:
Chaudelune Vin del Glace
Chaudelune Vin del Glace DOC
100% Priè Blanc de Morgex
Standard bottle
Light and fresh
fresh cheese, Medium-aged cheeses

Descrizione vino

The bottle is sold in a silk screen printing Box.


The Chaudelune Vin del Glace “Ice wine” is a particular white wine gets from a night vine harvest and produced in Val D’Aosta in the Cave du Vin Blanc located between Morgex et La Salle where the vineyards achieve the 1200 m in altitude in the slope of Monte Bianco. These are the vineyards the highest in Europe.   The grapes are 100% Priè Blanc de Morgex picked after the first freeze at - 6 and -10 temperature degrees which permits to obtain a bigger sugar concentration. The fermentation and the maceration take place in oxidation in little oak barrels. These barrels are completely filled up to help the oxidation and so to have a major olfactory complexity.


Characteristics of Chaudelune Vin de Glace

Esthetically it has a gold yellow color. The scent is intense with a predominance of aromatic herbs such as oregano, thyme and mint with a final aroma of apple and apricot. The taste is intense with clear apricot flavors which are joined by cedar and lemon sensations.


Recommended pairings while tasting this white wine

It is suggested to serve it at ambient temperature. It is a very particular wine with a marked personality adaptable to be drunk alone or joint to blue-veined cheese. 

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