Moscato di Pantelleria "Kabir" DOC Donnafugata

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Winery Donnafugata
Denomination Moscato di Pantelleria Doc
Vintage 2021
Grapes 100% Zibibbo
Alcohol content 12,50%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Winery headquarter Donnafugata Cantine Storiche - Marsala (TP) - Via Sebastiano Lipari, 18
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination swordfish, Pasta with seafood, Steamed fish Hors d'oeuvres, Fresh cheese, Desserts, Dry pastry, Fruit pies and cream
Region Sicily (Italy)
Style Passito
Wine list Zibibbo
Wine description

Moscato di Pantelleria "Kabir" of Donnafugata is produced with the pure vinification of Zibibbo grapes. Its great peculiarity is linked to the heroic cultivation of vineyards, which takes place on the island of Pantelleria and which, thanks to its proximity to the sea and the ventilated environment and the soil rich in mineral salts, produces valuable Zibibbo grapes. The vineyards are reared with the sapling system, typical for wine production in the Mediterranean areas harsh and karst. The vinification begins in the first decade of September with the harvest of very ripe grapes, with an unmistakable golden color, which are subjected to soft pressing and vinified in steel. The must ferments at controlled temperature. The wine is put on the market after aging in bottle for at least 4 months.


Characteristics of Moscato wine "Kabir" 

Moscato "Kabir" is elegant and balanced, excellent interpretation of Zibibbo that denotes a clear and balanced aroma. Splendid aromas of melon and orange peel, rose and honey crown a gustatory impact of great satisfaction. It is moderately sweet, fresh and sapid and of contained alcoholic structure.


Recommended pairings with this Moscato from Donnafugata winery

Among the pairings we highlight the great affinity, thanks to its characteristics, with tasty cheeses, white flesh fruit tarts, fruit salads and pastries with citrus peel. To try on bottarga, large smoked fish, but not marinated. Goat cheeses, even slightly flavored. It is also excellent in combination with spaghetti with bottarga and smoked swordfish with aromatic herbs. It should be served fresh at a temperature of 10-12°C, in medium tulip-type glasses with slight flaring. This white wine from the Donnafugata winery is distinguished by its pleasantness, is a perfect dessert wine for a party with friends. It is also great served as an aperitif, to be enjoyed in summer.

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