The Massucco winery produces wine since generations. It is located in Piedmont in the Roero area which is recently become an UNESCO human heritage site. The production is made with love and passion for the wines and these feelings are constantly pass through the generations as well as the experience.This company started in 1900 and it has growth year by year. The wine of the Massucco winery has always been of a very high quality. The Massucco wines were selected as one of  the best wines in Italy for their perfect quality/price ratio. Every wine profile and the soft tannins give to the product a unique taste which comes from the Massucco vines fruits.The Agricultural Company Massucco has adopted some innovations in the production of its wines. The best and most advanced technology is used for the production of the wine as if it would be produced by the old generations.

Famiglia Massucco
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Favorita, Roero Arneis, Barbera d'Alba, Nebbiolo d'Alba, Dolcetto d'Alba, Langhe Dolcetto, Barolo, Barbaresco, Moscato, Spumante metodo Charmat e Spumante metodo Classico.
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
20 ha
Massucco - Castagnito (CN) - Via Serra, 2c

Interview with producer

Which are the future projects for your cellar?

The research in new tastes and sensations starting from an experimentation from the vine to the aging method passing through the making process. With this spirit born the Sole dei Tempi, The Luna dei Tempi and Terramore. This is a new method by keeping the quality of the classical wines and experimenting new ones to give life to a new path for the wines from Piedmont. 


In your opinion, how much is important the improvement of the quality of the wines you produce?

The innovation and the knowledge of every vines, allows Massucco to grow in the quality which is the only real incentive of growth and survival by working in a territory which has been converted in human heritage by the UNESCO which confirms the high quality of the territory.


If you have to convince a customer to buy your wine, what would you say to him?

There are many elements to convince a customer to buy, 4 generations as wine producers permits to have a clear production method that is constantly perfected and updated which gives the guarantee of quality because the Massucco family makes this job with passion and professionalism. 


Which is your favorite thing of your work, and which is the worst?

The best thing is looking at the entire wine making process, from the fruit to the bottle. The worst thing is the impossibility to describe all the hard work there is behind a bottle. 


If the Prime Minister would call you and he would ask you a wine for a very important dinner, which wine would you suggest him, and why?

I would suggest him the Roero DOCG because it represents not only my company but a whole area from which it takes the name.

I would match it with tajarin (egg pasta) with butter and sage with some white truffle picked in the little wood near the winery.


If you have to give an advice to all the cellars of your territory, what would you advice?

I would suggest him to participate more and more to the promotion of the Roero territory which is full of place for tourists who love the gastronomy.


In the last years the web commerce is expanding a lot, the online wine shops are growing up more and more; how do you consider this market news?

It will be the future for the new generation and as for all the changes, it is slow but now we can send orders when you are on your car or in movement when almost 5 years ago you could not even send it at home.  


Why have you decided to commit the sale of the wines to the online wine shop Uritalianwines?

For us there is a certain feeling between the buyer and the winery that in some other online wine is not so evident. In addition the foreign wine sell is a surplus for us. Then we think that in the future the online wine will grow a lot as for other countries in the world.


Which is the wine you would suggest to the online Uritalianwines customers and why?

The Roero DOCG because represents my winery and all the area where we are located.

Other reasons is that it is really appreciate around the world for its quality and it won several international prices beyond being presented in Italian and international food guides.

Vini della cantina Massucco