Mamete Prevostini

Valtellina is an important commercial area that links Italy to Switzerland and to northern Europe. Its lands have been crossed by populations who gave through the centuries their contributes to traditions, culture and local products. Wine represents one of them, recalling the ancient techniques for one of the greatest varieties of the world: Nebbiolo, here called Chiavennasca.The history of Mamete Prevostini starts 70 years ago, when Mamete himself, after the world war, began to produce wine in the so called “Crotto”, a natural cave of Valchiavenna. In 1988 his nephew took the company and signs his first production 7 years later, in 1995. He has been able to transform the winery in a project with excellent values.Today, each wine is aged differently, following rules that are renovated year after year. A classy representation of Nebbiolo in Valtellina. The cellar owns actually 8 hectares, 12 are rented. In the vineyards, the plants are treated with care in order to produce grapes with the right concentration of organoleptic features. The aim of the cellar is to express with the wines the seasons and the territories. Labels as “Botonero, Santa Rita, Sommarovina, San Lorenzo, Opera, Vertemate; Monrose” that tell the history of the best Valtellina.

Mamete Prevostini
Mamete Prevostini
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Sassella, Inferno, Sforzato, Grumello
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
30 ha
Mamete Prevostini - Mese (SO) - Via Don Primo Lucchinetti, 63
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