Dievole has an extension of 400 hectares in the area of Chianti Classico, 12 km in the north of Siena. A long walkway full of cypresses takes to the heart of the estate, where you can admire the typical landscape of Tuscany. Between the white streets and the woods, you can find olive trees, vines and houses. Here the dialogue between man and nature has never stopped, as underlines the name “Dievole”. Its root has the meaning “Dio Vuole” (God’s will). The name Dievole appeared for the first time in the XI century, 10 may 1090, when a contract of the notary Bellundo confirms that somebody “paid with 2 capons, 3 breads and 6 silver coins for the annual rent of a vine in the divine valley, in Dievole”. 8 centuries and many generations later, another contract tells about Dievole, but this time concerning a marriage gift:  The Count Giulio Terrosi-Vagnoli give the estate to his wife, Ildegonda Camaiori, who will remain the last noble woman of Dievole. Today Dievole counts 80 hectares covered with vineyards, between them 55 are used for production. The elevation of the lands is around 350 meters above the sea level. 16 parcels with different expositions, soils and climate. The other 25 hectares will be used for production in the next years.  You can find a lot of local varieties, but the one that dominates is always Sangiovese. The aim of the winery is to rescue the authenticity of the old vineyards and to pour it in the glass with elegance and identity.

Vini prodotti:
Chianti, Bolgheri, Brunello Montalcino, Rosso Montalcino, Vermentino
Hectares vineyards:
158 ha
Soc. Agr. Dievole - Vagliagli (SI) - Località Dievole, 6
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