The history of the Anselmet family has been intertwined with viticulture since the 16th century, when the first vineyard was acquired in the territory of Introd, west of Aosta. From that moment on, the very existence of the Anselmet family has always been based on love for the land and for the rows, with the passing on of the knowledge acquired from generation to generation. Over the years, therefore, we have gone from a production aimed at family consumption or as a bargaining chip to large-scale production, always preferring quality over quantity: it is in 1978 that Renato Anselmet produces the first 70 bottles and acquires new land, also becoming president of the Villeneuve Wine Growers Association. Today the company is in the hands of his son Giorgio who carries on the family tradition thanks to an innate passion but also thanks to the teachings of Joseph Vaudan, professor at the Institut Agricol Régional. It was because of this enlightening encounter that Giorgio began to conceive the concept of viticulture in a different light, thinking of the Aosta Valley as a region with great potential from a winemaking point of view, in which to experiment even the most modern agronomic techniques. Thanks to the combination of these elements, the now forgotten native vines such as Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin, Mayolet and Muscat were recovered. The Anselmet company today boasts 10 hectares of vineyards divided into small plots between Avise and Chambat.

Anselmet Giorgio
Valle d'Aosta
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Chardonnay, Fumin, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Torrette, Petite Arvine
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
12 ha
Maison Anselmet - Villeneuve (AO) - Frazione Vereytaz, 30
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