Too often there is a tendency to standardize the territory and to speak generically of "Prosecco" as an homogeneous denomination. Nothing could be more wrong: no other Italian type offers such a qualitative variety, which can be found in particular in the diversity between the large hillside vineyards and the - too many - plots of the plains. In this context, since 1984 the Andreola winery has been producing wine from what are some of the most beautiful vineyards belonging to the territory of the "mythical" Cartizze hill and to the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area. We are exactly in Col San Martino, a few kilometers east of Valdobbiadene, in an incredible place, capable of expressing the best of the denomination for its finesse and minerality. It is here that, precisely in the mid-1980s, Nazareno Pola founded the Andreola winery, still today driven by the passion for the vine and the love for wine that have distinguished it from the very beginning. The company management, currently run by Nazareno's son, Stefano Pola, is aimed at wisely combining the most ancient traditional methods with modern winemaking technologies. In the seventy hectares of vineyards owned, almost exclusively Glera grapes are grown, to which small quantities of other autochthonous vine varieties of the area are added, such as Verdiso, Bianchetta and Perera. Bunches which, after being raised in full respect of the environment and ecosystem, are interpreted in the cellar in an excellent range, currently under the oenological signature of Loris Dall’Acqua. Under the names of "Dirupo", "Sesto Senso" and "Más de Fer" - to name just a few of the labels - what was once a small family business has transformed, over the last ten years, into an established and modern reality, whose Prosecco, from Brut to Extra Dry, are now real undisputed references for every lover and for every enthusiast of the genre.

Loris Dall'acqua
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Prosecco extra Dry, Prosecco Brut, Prosecco Millesimato, Prosecco Dry, Cartizze
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
27 ha
Andreola - Ferra di Soligo (TV) - Via Cavre, 19
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