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Lombardy Sparkling

Sparkling wine from Lombardy

Among those regions that can be honored of a very long tradition in the sparkling wines Lombardy is one of the most important with a very wide rage of wines and producing wineries.

The farmers form Lombardy are for sure those one could take the best possibilities from the climatic conditions and from the vineyards used to produce this wonderful drink which is envy from the world and which is a very succeed product.

Most of them are made with different vineyards located all over the region for a perfect mix of smell and tastes, well balanced for all the lovers of the wine from Lombardy.

The farmers and the producer since very long time cooperate to create the classical bubbles perfect to use in the best occasions like Christmas time or New years Eve or the parties and birthdays all perfect moments to taste the wines from Lombardy.

The best wineries dedicated to the sparkling wines

In Lombardy the sparkling wine producers are several which is the result of the love and the passion have been dedicated from many years to produce and export these wonderful wines.

One of the most famous is certainly the Franciacorta from Lombardy created with the classical method with a mix of grapes like Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Bianco. The production is aimed to achieve always the best quality but also the quantity which is not always as easy as it seems. There is a soft pressing with a maceration which can lasts 3-4 days and then there are added some selected yeasts which are essential elements for the realization of this wonderful drink.

All the best wineries are represented in our online winery. You can find for example the spumante Contadi Castaldi that is remarkable because some refinement can lasts 60 months mostly made with 100% Chardonnay grapes. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks and in barrels to donate some remarkable characteristics recognizable from the wine experts and lovers.

Suggested pairings to exalt smells and tastes

The sparkling wine from Lombardy is certainly rich of a smelly bouquet and that is the reason why it should be matched with particular tastes that don't drown out the wine's aromas but instead they exalt them.

The perfect match is with baked fish which exalt the wine's aromas and the smells remind the sea essence and it help to appreciate more the matching.

The sparkling wines from Lombardy are perfect with cheeses especially the most delicate ones together with local cold cuts and fish tartar. They must be served at 5-8°C and they are both perfect in summer and in winter for the appetizers.

In our online wine shop you will find a big and various selection of sparkling wines from Lombardy , worldwide appreciated and you can bring them home and drink them during the best occasions or when you will just enjoy their unique tastes and aromas.