Rosso Verona "El Cencio" Spada

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Sommelier score 92/100 2023
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Winery Spada
Denomination Rosso Veronese Igt
Vintage 2019
Grapes 80% Corvinone appassito, 10% Cabernet, 10%, Merlot
Alcohol content 14,50%
Cl 75cl
Sulfites Contains sulphites
Code ICQRF VR 3677
Winery headquarter Spada - San Pietro In Cariano (VR) - Via Villa Girardi, 26
Bottle size Standard bottle
Combination wild game, Sliced beef, Cold cuts and salami, Pasta with meat sauce, Cannelloni, Saffron risotto, Pot roast, Meat and game stew
Region Venetian (Italy)
Style Full-bodied and intense
Wine list Rosso Veronese
Wine description

From the Spada winery of Veneto, a wine that traces and expresses to tasters the history of this prestigious winery. Brings back grandfather's experiences and values to young people. "El Cencio", from the nickname of Renzo Spada, founder and leading exponent of the company, is the most representative wine of the Spada winery . A selection of Corvinone grapes is left to dry for 2 months while the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes are pressed fresh and then assembled in January. These are the main peculiarities of this sensational wine from the Spada winery. On a graphic level the label is printed on real natural wood, as a symbol of history and tradition and also technological innovation, characteristics that the Spada winery has never been able to abandon. The production area of the vineyards is the classic one, historically acquired by Valpolicella. The wines used in Blend for its winemaking are: Corvinone withered and present for 80%, Cabernet present for 10%, and Merlot present for 10%. Vinification is developed in glass-cement vats also used for wine maturation. Elevation takes place in American Barriques and lasts for 2 years.


Characteristics of the Rosso Veronese wine "El Cencio"

This wine shows an intense and deep ruby red color. The scent is broad and complex with hints of black fruit and undergrowth, chocolate, roasted coffee. The taste is crunchy, ample in aromas, spicy but elegant and of great prestige.


Suggested pairings tasting this excellent wine from the Spada winery

It pairs sensibly with game, grilled meat, lamb, kid and aged cheeses, both long and medium term. It should be served at 18 ° C in a large glass that favors oxygenation.

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