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The red wines from Molise

The Molise is historically involved in the production of the wine since the Romans, in fact the wines from Molise are particularly renamed for the quantity of grapes present in the territory and the great passion of the local producers.

The producing area is between the hills and the mountain but also close to the sea which confers some unique smells and tastes to the wines and the soils are clay and sandy and rarely calcareous which make the wine intense and perfect to be matched with meats.

These bottles are the result of centuries of tradition passed on generations that will immediately delight you with a constant research on the innovation by never forgetting the tradition.

The variety of the red wine from Molise

In Molise there is the biologic wine that is different because both in the vineyard and during the wine making process there is the need to follow some strict rules such as the prohibition to use chemical herbicides. There is the Sangiovese with a bright ruby red color and a tannic taste with typical fruity aromas which is a common characteristic of other Rosso igt from Molise.

It is also prestigious the Tintilia vineyard which once, it was supposed to be a Bovale from Sardinia, but that today the researchers have discover being a local variety. It has a decided color with purple reflections with a liquorice taste with a leather, full and velvety fragrances due to its aging process both in oak barrels and in steel tanks with a period in bottle.

There is also the Aglianico vineyard which is original from Greece, and one of the classic is the Molise DOC, characterized by orange reflection with a winy palate, but at the same time it is balanced and velvety with a vague aroma of almond and a proof of 13% and once put in the wine glasses, spreads all its intense aromas.

Possible matching

The red wine from Molise is ideal with the middle Italy cooking. It can be tasted with starters, main courses and different aged cheeses.

But its real nature is next to the game that exalt its tannic aroma. It is also very good with braised or baked meats.

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