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Wines from Calabria

Since few years ago the wine from Calabria was not really considered, but today is one of the best wine in the Italian production a real success due to the strength of the Calabrian farmers. In fact for its dark coloration and the high alcoholic degrees, the Calabrian wines were used as blending wines. Today the situation is completely changed with nine DOC Calabrian wines and eleven IGT one on the market. For example there is the Gaglioppo one of the most widespread and appreciated. The origins of Calabrian wine tradition dated the Magna Graecia where it says that the Calabrian wines, in particular the Cirò wine was given as gift to the winners of the Olympic Games in Atene. Today the Cirò made with red grapes is one of most famous Calabrian wines, a Calabrian red wine, with a lively color and an intense aroma joined by a unique taste that stimulate the palate as few wines can do. In our online wine shop a great range of Calabrian wines are available in offer, a typical taste of Calabria that can’t be missed on your table.

Wine from Calabria, the vineyards

The Calabria land is rich of first choice vineyards with black grapes which represent almost the whole territory. Vineyards such as the Greco Nero, the Nerello Mascarese and the Cappuccio are the most widespread. The local wine used for the production of the Best Calabrian wines is certainly the Gaglioppo while the white grapes vineyards is the Greco Bianco which is used for the production of the Greco di Bianco DOC a white wine aged for at least five years and that it is used as dessert wine joined by the typical desserts such as the fruit tart and the bakery. The Calabrian vineyards are cultivated with the little tree method even if today there are used many other modern technics. The cultivation areas are hilly and there are cultivated most of the remarkable Calabrian wines such as the Pollino DOC a quite young red wine with a dry taste and an intense scent and the Savuto DOC which can be a rosé wine or a red one depending on the mix of the local vines for its production.

The Calabrian wines on sales

Our Calabrian wines offer is big and variegate and it will allow you to enrich your personal cellar with one of the most loved Italian wines. The Cirò, the Greco di Bianco, the Melissa and the Lamezia DOC, they are all calabrian DOC wines. Among the IGT wines from Calabria present in the online wine shop there are the Val di Neto IGT, the Costa Viola IGT, the Esaro IGT and the Arghillà IGT. All these wines are at your disposal in our online wine shop with a special offer to bring you home the real Calabria. Go in our online wine shop and check the catalog of Calabrian wines and take advantages of the special offers we propose you for your Calabrian wines. A real leap in the original Calabrian tradition.