The red wine from Calabria

In Calabria there is the wine culture since the Greeks because this area was known as Magna Graecia. The wines produced in that time were the prizes of the Olympics. During the Romans this practice was forgotten.

The Greek tradition was resumed during the XX century when the ancient vines were cultivated again and today the wines from Calabria are one of the most renamed. The red grapes are the most cultivated and about the 65% is made by red wine.

The most renamed red grapes are the Magliocco, the Lamezia produced in the Catanzaro area and both of them can be the good company in many occasions.

The red vineyards from Calabria

The producers of this region could resume the ancient vineyards and they cultivate them in the best way possible. The red wine from Calabria is characterized by a decided and intense smell due to the morphologic characteristics of the soil. Normally it is on hills or on the mountains with marine influences because close to the coast.

The Rosso Lamezia, one of the many DOC of this area, is conditioned by the cultivation soil which has a good quantity of alkaline substances that give an enveloping and spicy aroma.

Many of the wines from Calabria are honoured by the Calabria IGT certification like the Federico II a red wine with an intense and wide aroma.

Among the choice you can chose the Dragone rosso a velvety and pleasant wine perfect for rich courses also spicy during convivial moments.

Pairings and productive methods

As for many red wines, also the wines from Calabria are perfect to be matched with important main or second courses.

There is the Magliocco IGT located at the 500 meters above the sea level, exposed at south and characterized by an intense aroma and a fruity aftertaste of prune, cherry or blackberry, perfect to be matched with ragù or with durum wheat pasta.

The typical match is with meats such as the Lamezia riserva perfect with roasted meats, cold cuts or cheeses, especially the aged ones.

About the methods there is the aging period in steel or in oak barrels for some months before the bottling.

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