Bianco Imperiale DOC Berlucchi

Bianco Imperiale DOC
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Wine Characteristics

Wine list:
Bianco Imperiale DOC
80% Chardonnay, 20% Sauvignon Blanc
Standard bottle
Sparkling and fresh
Cold meats and salami, Appetizers Smoked Fish, Appetizers steamed fish, fresh cheese, Mixed fried fish

Descrizione vino

It is composed by a refined blend of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes for the 80% and 20%. The grapes of the Berlucchi winery are selected within the best for the production of the Imperiale Bianco with a profit of 80-100 quintals per hectare and a must profit of the 65%. After the destemming it takes place a cold short maceration with the soft progressive pressing of the grapes. It follows a careful alcoholic fermentation in stain tanks under temperature control. The maturation occurs in stain tanks with the aging of the wine under temperature control to keep the freshness.


Characteristics of the Bianco Imperiale Berlucchi

The sparkling Bianco Imperiale Curtefranca DOC Berlucchi wine has a proof of 12,5%, a sugar concentration of 6,5 grams and a pH of 3,30. It has a light straw yellow color, almost transparent with very fine green reflections that remark the youth. The perlage is fine and persistent. The scent is intense and floral with citron aromas such as orange and grapefruit. The taste is sapid and rich, balanced with tannins and a structure with good persistence.


Suggested pairings while tasting this Curtefranca wine

The Bianco Imperiale, Curtefranca wine of Berlucchi is perfect with cold cuts, fume fish courses or flavored with fresh vegetables and lemon. The fresh cheeses and the fried fish are perfect. It has to be served in Flûte wine glasses to concentrate the scents to the nose. The ideal serving temperature is 6°C.

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