Tasca d'Almerita

It is a unique reality. Tasca d’ Almerita is a winery that started its history in 1800. Two main location take part to this enchanting tale: Regaleali estate, near Palermo, and Villa Tasca, centre of the social and artistic life of Sicily. The Tasca Counts represents the practical culture. This philosophy took them to a continuous oenological innovation that make them becoming one of the best representors of the excellence in Sicily. The history of Tasca d’ Almerita is linked to their production: starting from “Rosso del Conte”, produced with Nero d’ Avola and Perricone, aged in chestnut barrels and arriving to “Regaleali Bianco”, first representor of Made in Sicily. Today the vineyards owned by the winery have an extension of 600 hectares. Their wines are sold worldwide. Moreover, we have to praise the care demonstrated with the customers of two of the best resorts of the island and their attention for each one of the five estates. A business reality that can count on more than 200 people, depending on the season. This is the background of the best labels of Sicily, high representors of true excellence: Chardonnay, “Il Diamante”, “Nozze d’Oro”, “Leone d’ Almerita” and the local Sparkling wines. These products are the mirror of a company that can really represent the heart of the oenological production of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. In one word: Sicily.

Owner Famiglia Tasca
Enologist Laura Orsi
Region Sicily (Italy)
Year established 1830
Wines produced Nero d'Avola, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grillo, Rosso del Conte, Carricante, Nerello, Perricone, Malvasia
Total bottles produced 3000000
Hectares of vineyard 600
Address Tasca d'Almerita - Sclafani Bagni (PA) - Contrada Regaleali
wines of the winery Tasca d'Almerita
Regaleali Le Rose
Rosato Sicilia Madamarosé "SALLIER DE LA TOUR" DOC
Nero d’Avola "Lamuri" DOC
Catarratto "Buonsenso" DOC
Perricone "Guarnaccio" Sicilia DOC
Cygnus DOC
Cygnus DOC [[Tasca d'Almerita]] € 16.40 € 18.90
Etna Rosso "Ghiaia Nera" DOC
Spumante "Almerita Brut" Metodo Classico DOC
Malvasia "CAPOFARO" in Box
Spumante "Almerita Rosè" DOC in Box
Cabernet Sauvignon "Vigna San Francesco" DOC
Spumante Metodo Classico"Almerita Contessa Franca" DOC in Box
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Regaleali Bianco
product out of stock
Nero d’Avola "Regaleali " DOC
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Grillo "Cavallo delle Fate" Sicilia DOC
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Bianco "Leone d’Almerita"
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Etna Bianco "BUONORA" DOC
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Malvasia Secca "DIDYME"
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Grillo "Mozia"
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Nozze d’Oro Bianco "Contea di Sclafani" DOC
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Passito "Diamante Passito" in Box
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Nerello Mascalese "Il Tascante" DOC
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Chardonnay Vigna San Francesco TENUTA REGALEALI DOC
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Rosso del Conte "Contea di Sclafani" DOC
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Wooden Case 3 Wines Catarratto, Perricone e Grillo
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Selection 6 Sicilian Wines
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