“A great wine is a perfect fusion of science and poetry, measurable and imponderable. It is essentially beautiful. It is a work of art. A sort of transfiguration of the raw material. It comes from the must as a statue comes from the stone and whoever makes a great wine is the one who digs into the stone, already having the final result in mind. Obviously, in order to do this he must have a solid scientific basis. He must be in control of the entire cycle, through the possession of the most varied knowledge, from the knowledge of the soil, to the physiology of the grape, from the biochemical processes underlying the transformation of grapes into wine to the mechanisms of sensory perception. These concepts constitute the essence of my way of experiencing wine. It is with these convictions that in 2001 my wife Laura and I founded Quintodecimo. "This is how Luigi Moio describes his adventure in the world of wine, a journey that began many decades earlier in the historic winery of his father, one of the most important figures in Falerno, Campania. An exemplary winery, a reality that over the years has shown how much good is the production in the heart of Irpinia with Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Taurasi. It is no coincidence: Luigi and his wife Laura closely follow every phase of the production process, in particular both have a particular attention for everything that happens in the vineyard, splendid parcels treated as gardens. It is there that their wines, whites and reds of extraordinary value, are born, expressions of the terroir like few others in the area. Elegant and long-lived, wines that have found that harmony that characterizes only the greatest. Wines all to try.

Moio Luigi
Moio Luigi
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Greco, Fiano, Taurasi, Aglianico
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
23 ha
QUINTODECIMO - Mirabella Eclano (AV) - Via San Leonardo, 27
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