Nino Negri

The Nino Negri winery is an important reality of Valtellina and it born at the end of the ‘800 and it represents the classical characteristics of this area of Sondrio. This winery that combines tradition and innovation in 1986 become part of the prestigious Gruppo Italiano Vini (Italian wine group).Despite the several rewards, the Nino Negri winery is always improving and now it is working on the environment sustainability. Thirty hectares of beauty in the core of the Valtellina for the production of elegant and long wines: from the Sfursat to the Valtellina Superiore unique for the harmony and the refinement. These wines are the result of each effort put in the production. 

Gruppo Italiano Vini
Casimiro Maule
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Sforzato, Sassella, Inferno, Prugnolo, Rosso Valtellina, Passito
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
31 ha
Nino Negri - Chiuro (SO) - Via Ghibellini, 3
Vini della cantina Nino Negri