The company founded by Agostino Marsuret is still located in Guia, in the original estate where the history of the family began. A lot of changings through the years helped the modernisation of the techniques, but always respecting the environment. In fact, the cellar is hidden by the surrounding landscape composed mainly by the owned vineyards. The family has lands in the most prestigious areas of the DOCG Valdobbiadene, like Cartizze, Col San Martino, Guia, Premaor, Rolle, Zuel, Le Serre. Passion has always represented the main goal for the company, that is producing more and more, thanks to the extension of some vineyards treated with care and attention.

Vini prodotti:
Prosecco Extra dry, Cartizze, Prosecco Dry, Prosecco Brut
MARSURET - Valdobbiadene (TV) - Via Barch, 17
Vini della cantina MARSURET