In the 70s Silvio Jermann started the history of the Jermann winery, made of a path that over thirty years has led its wines to be known and appreciated in Italy and around the world. His family, owner of many of the lands still in use today, settled in the Collio at the end of the nineteenth century. The turning point, however, comes when a young Silvio takes over the reins of the company, and thanks to the many lessons learned during his studies in oenology and during his experiences abroad, he begins to produce modern wines of great personality, the same we still know today. From here was born the Jermann winery, a reality that can currently count on over one hundred and thirty hectares of vineyards, and that above all dialogues every day with the world, while maintaining the attention always focused on the concrete things from which to create great wines. Love for the land is in fact the milestone of this farm, great pearl of Collio, renowned for its exceptional whites but also for its robust and traditional reds.Among the rows, under the coordination of the young and talented agronomist Stefano Amadeo, part of the vineyards are managed following the rules of organic farming, and generally the plants are grown in full respect of the environment and ecosystem, so the synthesis products are avoided, and great attention is paid to the balance of the territory.In the cellar, the most modern wine making instruments are used in the sign of the most ancient traditions, to give life to a unique harmony, which we find all enclosed in the glass.

Silvio Jermann
Silvio Jermann
Friuli Venezia Giulia
Foundation year:
Vini prodotti:
Ribolla Gialla, Sauvignon, Picolit, Traminer Aromatico, Vintage Tunina, Capo Martino, Blau & Blau, Pignacolusse, W… Dreams…
Total bottles produced:
Hectares vineyards:
130 ha
Cantina Jermann - Dolegna del Collio (GO) - Località Trussio 11, Frazione di Ruttars
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