The Castello Monaci winery is located in the heart of Salento, in Salice Salentino, near Lecce, land today known and appreciated by tourists from all over the world, exposed on two seas, warmed by the sun and beaten by the wind, as well as for the beaches it is historically also known for the fame of its wines, mainly red, structured and with rich fruity scents . Castello Monaci takes its name from the castle, which dates back to the first half of the 16th century: it was built by French monks to be used as a fortification, and today it is used to host events. The vineyards, which extend for 150 hectares, are surrounded by 3000 olive trees; Vitantonio Seracca Guerrieri, the president of the estate, personally takes care of the work in the vineyards, who has set up his company on the rediscovery and enhancement of the native Salento vines. Primitivo, negroamaro, black Malvasia di Lecce: these are the grapes that are mostly used for the production of Castello Monaci wines, declined in different blends and with different aging methods. The soil is rich, clayey and tufaceous: the presence of tuff guarantees good drainage and, above all, having the ability to conserve water due to its porous nature, a water guarantee even in the driest periods. The company's products are divided into three lines: the Castello Monaci line, with the most prestigious wines in the range such as Primitivo Piluna, Primitivo Riserva Artas and Salice Salentino Riserva Aiace; the Feudo Monaci line, dedicated to the most famous indigenous and international vines of the area (primitivo, fiano, negroamaro and negroamaro rosato) and the Mirus line, reserved for interesting blends of Salento vines and international classics. The Selections of Salento by Castello Monaci also stand out, with Médos and Charà in evidence (respectively obtained from black malvasia and chardonnay) and the intriguing Moscatello Selvatico in the Passito version.

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Chardonnay Salento, Fiano Moscatello Selvatico Salento, Fiano Salento, Pimitivo Salento, Negroamaro Salento, Passito di Moscatello Selvatico, Primitivo Salento, Salice Salentino, Syrah-Malvasia Nera Salento, Verdeca Salento
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