This name has always been linked to the best winemaking tradition of the Langhe and more generally of Piedmont. It all began in 1761 when Bartolomeo Borgogno founded the winery. In the following years the history of the company is often linked to that of Italy, as in 1861, the year in which the Unification is realized: the wine chosen to accompany the celebratory lunch of the unification is the Barolo di Borgogno, to underline the centrality that even then this important brand could boast. Over the decades the name Borgogno has represented, for all lovers of the best Barolos, the very synonym of its best tradition. The spontaneous fermentations, the very long macerations, the large barrels, that austerity and elegance that he was able to express year after year, have placed the Barolo di Borgogno constantly at the top of the appellation. 2008 marks another significant milestone in the history of the winery: the company is in fact taken over by Oscar Farinetti, the owner of Eataly, who today, respecting tradition, continues to retrace what has already been done throughout history.

Owner Famiglia Farinetti
Region Piedmont (Italy)
Year established 1761
Wines produced Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Barbera Superiore, Barolo Riserva, Dolcetto, Freisa
Total bottles produced 110000
Hectares of vineyard 31
Address BORGOGNO - Barolo (CN) - Via Gioberti, 1
wines of the winery BORGOGNO
Langhe Barbera "Bompè" DOC
Langhe Nebbiolo "Bartomè" DOC
Grappa di Moscato
Grappa di Moscato [[BORGOGNO]] € 28.90 € 33.90
Nebbiolo "NO NAME" DOC
Grappa di Barolo
Grappa di Barolo [[BORGOGNO]] € 29.90 € 34.90
Chinato "BORGOGNO"
Chinato "BORGOGNO" [[BORGOGNO]] € 32.89 € 38.80
Grappa di Barolo "Cannubi"
Barolo "Fossati" DOCG
Barolo "Cannubi" DOCG
Barolo "Cannubi" DOCG [[BORGOGNO]] € 107.50 € 118.50
Barolo RISERVA 2015 DOCG in Box
Langhe ANCUM Dolcetto DOC
product out of stock
Barbera d'Alba Superiore DOC
product out of stock
Barolo Chinato in Box
product out of stock
Barolo DOCG
product out of stock
product out of stock
Barolo "Liste" DOCG
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