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White wine from Ligury

Despite being a difficult land to cultivate the grapes, because of its conformation and the geographic position, the Ligury produces one of the Italian white wine among the most internationally renowned. The white wine from Ligury is the representation of the farmers will and the great passion they put in their work. The Vermentino is one of the most representative of the DOC white wine of Ligury. Other white spread berries are the Pigato and the Bianchetta Genovese, which are present in the most wanted white wines in Italy and abroad. Despite this territory has few DOC, the wine of Ligury is an important presence in the world panorama. Thanks to the traditional wine making processes, the white wine from Ligury is the best choice for who want to match at their best these wines.

The choice of the white wine from Ligury

As already said the vermentino from Ligury is probably the best white wine that can express at its best, the characteristics of the territory where it born. A perfect wine with wonderful organoleptic characteristics that are perfect with the local cooking which is mostly sea food. A great wine is the Colli di Luni which is very prestigious, compared to the same bottles of other regions, due to the difficulties of the territory. Other prestigious white wines are the Golfo del Tigullio with a light and sapid taste perfect with crustaceans, or the Riviera Ligure di Ponente a DOC wine that according to the vine used, it be interpreted in different ways. Finally there are the Colline di Levanto which can be tasted also in a dessert version and the Bianchetta Genovese that keep all the particular characteristics of the homonym vine which are remarkable for the typical aroma of the bottles.

Tasting the white wine from Ligury

Their best expression is showed when they are matched with Mediterranean food especially the fish, the crustaceans, and sea food that evoke the land of origin. Starters, main sea courses, fish and local desserts, are all perfect pairings with the typical white wine from Ligury. They are the perfect matches to delight every single meal. Thanks to our online wine selection dedicated to the bottles from Ligury, you can bring home all the tradition of this wonderful region. Our offer of white wines from Ligury give you the possibility to receive directly at home, a quality wine for very special prices that will delight every guests with its kindness and simplicity.