The white wines from Lazio

One of the Italian region with a thousand-years old tradition in the production of wines is where our capital is located. The wines produced are especially made with white grapes and the cultivation is spread for 25 thousand hectares in the region and it is located on hills and close to the sea which goodly influence the aromas and the tastes of the white wine from Lazio.

The origins could date back before the Romans but during the expansion of the kingdom the cultivation is improved and it has arrived up to us. The production of the white wine never stop a part from the 1800 when the phylloxera destroyed most of the vineyards.

In the last years the love for the improvement of the quality despite the quantity, allows the farmer to perfect the wine making processes and so the white wine from Lazio become more famous among the enthusiasts.

The vineyards and the best production of white grapes

The love of the farmers resume some old vineyards that were abandoned for the low profit. Normally the ancient vineyards are replaced with younger one but in this case it is lost a piece of tradition.

For example there is the Cacchione cultivated in the Anzio and Nettuno areas that has strong sea influences that make the palate of the wine large and open with a fruity aftertaste.

There is also the Muscat from Lazio with an intense yellow color born from clay and muddy soils that is perfect to be tasted at 10-15°C or the Roma Bianco also made with Cacchione grapes and the maceration takes place under temperature control.

This last white wine from Lazio has a dry and soft taste perfect with sea food thanks to its delicate and fresh aroma.

Production methods and suggested pairings

Among the wine making processes there is the cold maceration on the peels for 8/12 days and the following refinement in bottle for 2 months or longer maceration up to 18 months. There are also one month refinement period that give to the wine a fresh and bright taste.

Among the wines from Lazio some are perfect to be matched with sea food like the clams or with crustacean soups. Some of them can be matched with very typical food from Roma such as the pasta “Cacio e Pepe” so with a particular cheese and pepper.

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