Rapitalà estate covers 225 hectares in the area between Camporeale and Alcamo, on smooth hills between 300 and 600 meters above the sea level. The soils are characterized by clay and sands. The perfect exposition and the composition of the soils make this area ideal for the cultivation of then most prestigious grape varieties.

These ancient lands are covered by vineyards that draw geometrical shapes. The sunrays colour the hills with gold.


Rapitalà is a real name that comes from the Arabic “Rabidh-Allah”, that means “Alla river”. It represents the river that flows through the vineyards and testifies that these lands were cultivated in the past too. Though the centuries, generations of farmers have contributed to the actual shape of the lands.


Hugues Bernard, count of Gatinais, was born in ST. Malo, France, in 1940. He was an official in the French marine. In 1968 he married Gigi Gurrasi, a young lady who descended from an important family of Palermo. They had a passioned and brave adventure: they decided to re-build an old cellar that had been destroyed from the earthquake in Valle del Belice. The count concentrated on the vineyards. 30 years ago, the most prestigious French varieties were planted next to the best local grapes of Sicily. His wife, helped by their son Laurent, continue what her husband started with great passion.

Rapitalà is doubtless one of the most prestigious wine-cellar of Sicily and it is the protagonist of the oenological renovation in the island. Its vineyards are the result of a hard work and passion that links the human being to the land. The exposition is great and the composition of the soils, next to the modern techniques, allow excellent productions. Today, the company has available a lot of innovating structures that allow the control on the temperature and reduce the possibility of error. The barriques are made of French wood. Great attention and respect to the typical features of the vine varieties.


Gruppo Italiano Vini
Vini prodotti:
Nero d'Avola, Chardonnay, Etna Rosso, Grillo, Syrah, Cabernet Saugignon
Total bottles produced:
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